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Fandom: Agents of Shield

Rating: G

Ship: Leopold Fitz & Jemma Simmons [Fitzsimmons]

(This fic is a special fic that I've written for two reasons. 1) This is the first fic/fan fiction story I've written in about seven or eight years so I hope it's a good one. 2) This fic is a special birthday gift to my dearest friend,Nor who loves this ship that is mentioned in this fic as much as I do.

Nor,I'm so blessed and happy to have you as one of my closest and dearest online friends. All these years later and I'm still happy that I get to speak to you every day and gush over our ships and such.  I was honored and happy to write this fic for your birthday gift. Your fics always have been amazing for me to read and I hope this one shot fic of our beloved Fitzsimmons brings you immense smiles and great joy. <33 )

[Now for the author's note XD  Author's note: MEGA SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't see the Agents of Shield season final. Now however for those who have seen it....well,yeah,get ready for the Fitzsimmons feels when you click the read more ^^]

Read more...and prepare for the feels!Collapse )

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